Code of ethics

In compliance with Law 679 of 2001 and resolution 3840 of 2009, Casablanca Belle & Boutique, accepts the code of conduct in order to protect minors from sexual exploitation.

In order to comply with the above, we have defined the following guidelines:

-We reject child labor exploitation.
-The agency’s employees will not promote establishments where minors are directly or indirectly exposed to the sex trade.
-We will communicate in a timely manner to the local police and / or competent authorities, the cases of sexual trade with minors that are perceived or detected and the providers that develop practices related to this aspect.
-We will market our products without misleading advertising and without involving undue practices with children or teenagers.
-We will educate and inform the public that the sexual exploitation of minors is a crime.
-We condemn all forms of sexual exploitation with children and support all legal actions to prevent and punish these crimes.
-We create awareness in our employees, using training and information as the best tools to highlight that sexual exploitation of minors is a crime.
-The policy of Casablanca Belle & Boutique, stipulates that it is not allowed to search for child pornography using the Internet. It is also forbidden to search for contacts with children for sexual purposes via chat rooms, discussion groups or the like.
-If child pornography material is found on an employee’s computer, the police should be informed. Possession of child pornography is a crime and the material could be used as evidence in a future trial; therefore, it should not be eliminated in any case.
-We ask clients, suppliers, partners and other agencies to reject participation in the sexual exploitation of minors and to report on all cases of sexual exploitation of children of which they are aware for complaints to the ICBF.
-At Casablanca Belle & Boutique, we take actions to safeguard the environment and the natural resources we use, for example: (i) we recycle, reuse and separate wastes, (ii) the components of our supplies have characteristics and specifications of sustainability. All of us who work at Casablanca Belle & Boutique are committed to using water, paper and electrical energy efficiently and monitor that they are consumed without misusing them.
-In Casablanca Belle & Boutique, we have the obligation to adhere to the principles of sustainability, which contribute to the optimization of resources and to ensure that our operation does not generate pollution.
-The aspects to be considered during the recruitment, selection, hiring, promotion and recognition processes will be based on equity and transparency, through the use of methodologies that endorse and document the objectivity of these processes.
-At Casablanca Belle & Boutique, we are committed to providing employment opportunities and professional development to the best qualified people who have had a good job performance and have a behavior related to respect and to the compliance of internal and external standards, without distinction for personal characteristics.
-At Casablanca Belle & Boutique, we strive to protect the health and safety of our staff (as well as the people who visit us), since the physical integrity of the them is our priority. We have the responsibility to be attentive and comply at all times with the safety standards established for hotels and in our workplace for the provision of our services.

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